BTR is customer-centric. The best way to engage customers is through brand. Our Infographic explains how brand will work for your BTR investment.

Design and property development (of any sort) can be described as investing in the creation of a product, that will be offered up for consumption in the marketplace. The market may as open and large as the property sector or very niche e.g. your own home or workplace. Either way it is important to create a product that meets the needs and expectations for your target market to see value in the product. In order for the market to ‘buy’ your product it must be attractive, accessible and appropriate to their needs. A product with a good brand allows us to develop a sense and understanding of what is being offered before it has been physically built.

A brand creates and guides user expectations of the product (or service) and it is much more than the physical or tangible product qualities e.g. function, material quality, environmental impact or cost. A brand will also capture and communicate the intangible qualities that may be associated with the product e.g. its authenticity and uniqueness, how it allows for self-expression and helps form identity, it describes the quality of user experience and what we can expect from the physical product. A well thought through brand invites us all into an informed relationship with the product, from its design through delivery and during use. In other words, create the brand first and let the brand inform the design, definition, delivery and operation of the product – whether it be a new piece of architecture, a workplace interior of an house extension.

“Brand before Building is an open and holistic process that helps hone and define our response – leading to buildings that are more aligned and in tune with objectives and the needs of clients.”

Brendan Geraghty

   The Residential EBR 2016

  The Workplace EBR 2016