Brian Alborough heads the technical and Building Information Modelling (BIM) pursuits in Geraghty Taylor. His international experience and experience in ‘best-in-class’ off-site construction systems allows Geraghty Taylor to develop the optimum technology and construction solutions for its projects.

Brian has ensured that BIM is a central component in the Geraghty Taylor workflow and that not just Geraghty Taylor but our clients, fellow consultants and stakeholders benefit from the efficiencies and savings it brings.

Brian’s broad experience and excellent people skills allow him to work effectively in the client design development and construction phases of each project.

Having completed a MSc (Architecture) in Advanced Energy and Environmental Studies in 2009, Geraghty Taylor has broadened the expertise which the practice can engage in on environmental matters and technology. His thesis focussing on the Environmental Performance of Off Site Construction Systems is especially pertinent to Geraghty Taylor workflow.

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