Bensham House

Our Client, Day Lewis asked us to create a design that would allow them to convert an under performing commercial building asset into a residential project. At all times we were concerned to keep focused on the human experience and to cater for private, semi-private and public interaction and activity, and seeing how we could transfer some of the high-value design, social and well-being aspects of established house design into an apartment block.

"Personality and presence are important components of architectural identity and particularly, as with Bensham House when a new building must knit into an existing and mature streetscape."
Brendan Geraghty

Bensham House presents a striking street elevation that draws from architectural elements, the materiality and rhythm of local housing. It also offers a contemporary design, one that recognises that architecture responds to both urban and human scales, and it must do both jobs well. The character of the building is soft and strong, protective yet welcoming, architecturally assertive but homely.

Day Lewis PLC

Contract price

47 units


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