Sheldon Street

The proposal for this scheme involved the demolition of existing buildings, bringing with their replacements a mixed use development spanning the width of the Sheldon Street frontage (no. 21-27).

Local landscape

Alongside a wide range of amenities and services, Geraghty Taylor envisaged 23 residential apartments with part of the ground floor and basement to be used as a Chapel of Rest in place of the previous Funeral Directors.  This scheme aims to promote a contemporary design that enhances the local area while remaining sensitive to the surrounding vernacular. This dramatic enhancement has also considered the nearby residents by screening views of the flyover for much of the immediate area.

A key element in the designerure of the build is the use of contrast in projections of street facades and recessed windows. This not only emphasizes the flow of the street and surrounding locale but by incorporating a horizontal set back at 3rd floor level it is essentially a graduation of the original area dress code.

Material Understanding

The primary material proposed is brick with an emphasis on the quality and colouring of brick, this element is key to portraying the designerural message.  The tone will change at every second course of the projecting brick thus creating further contrast. The recessive roofing also has a linear note to the proposed design with the panels to be finished in a pale bronze shade.

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