St. Margaret’s Townhouses

The St. Margaret’s site is part of Harold Road Conservation Area, encompassed by the Upper Norwood Recreation Area in the Croydon Unitary Development Plan.

"The site area was once occupied by a derelict church, declared redundant on 6th January 2003"

The development required sensitive design and careful negotiations with planners and comprises a corner block of four residential apartments and eight townhouses. It represents a strong commitment to breathe new life into the local area.

Conserving Heritage X Urban Renewal
Our approach improves the site’s appearance and enhances the quality of the local social and sub-urban environment by appropriate urban design interventions and the introduction of quality residential family accommodation.

Our designerural concept drew on the ecclesiastical heritage of the site and was expressed through careful selection of materials and articulation of the windows, façade openings, form and scale of the new building.

The development sought to repair the building grain of Chevening Road from Harold Road to Rockmount Road while bringing residential scale back to the road and acknowledging the memory of the former church.

Date of delivery
January 2015

Medical Centre Developments

Contract price
£1.3 million



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