Private Rented Sector (PRS) is an umbrella term for privately owned property that is offered to the market as a rented product, ranging from single dwellings owned by individual landlords through to professionally managed portfolios. Build to Rent (BTR), is a specialised product, akin to Multi-Family Housing in the USA, tailored to the UK market.

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BTR: A 'How to' Guide by GERAGHTY TAYLOR

BTR moves away from the limited transactional nature of a landlord & tenant lease to a relationship based dynamic where tenants are customers. It has unified ownership and professional management. It is an income driven business model where revenue is derived from rent and onsite services.

A good BTR product will have a strong brand. This is so much more than just a whizzy logo. Brand defines a positive customer experience, an efficient operational model and informs the creation of good quality designerure.

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High-End PRS

Geraghty Taylor has delivered and contributed to a large range of mid-market to high-end projects throughout the UK. We’re considered one of the leading authorities in the Private Rented & Build to Rent residential sector.


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Deriving revenue from the rental sector is predicated on the creation of strong relationships with occupants - valuing them as customers, building trust and offering a great living experience. Designing the brand and then designing the building achieves the best results. Please see our Ecobuild 2016 presentation. #Brand Before Building

Geraghty Taylor is a member of both the Urban Land Institute and the ULI Residential Council.