The construction industry is (finally) experiencing a technological and digital revolution. This is driven by smart technology in the form of Building Information Management (BIM), offsite technology and data analytics. We use technology to push innovation and to design for intelligent construction.




BIM is a design and collaboration tool and a shared digital store for project information. It is a platform that integrates and synchronises disparate project data in a database of reliable, accessible and real-time project information. Geraghty Taylor offers BIM level 2 as a standard service to our clients.


1. BIM is a process of creating, gathering and managing design, construction and operational information - in short, BUILDING INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.

2. BIM allows for the integration of data and information from multiple sources - such as design, cost, programme and marketing.

3. BIM is a database that can be interrogated in many ways with different outputs, so good decisions can be made at all stages of a project – from concept through to construction and operations.

4. BIM is information put together using a universal common structure. Good collaboration and coordination allows related information to be connected together.



Offsite describes a strategic shift in the construction industry from traditional building to using factory produced components which are assembled on site. Offsite solutions range in scale and complexity from simple hinges to whole houses. Geraghty Taylor has extensive experience in design for different offsite models. We will select the best offsite solution for your project.


Construction projects generate an enormous amount of data, focused on diverse but specific project points. Combining and analysing this data reveals relationships, insights and patterns, which are invaluable in strategic business planning. INFORMATION IS POWER.