It is a process that will also bring change – some forced, some welcome – and you will need to define and integrate both into your business. In doing so you will want to get it right, create as much value as possible and deliver the best possible return.

Our approach and methods have been developed and honed in collaboration with our Clients - placing their needs firmly at the heart of all that we do. We concentrate on what is important for the success of each individual project and focus upon bringing about its delivery at both strategic and detailed levels.


We understand how workplace projects can divert your Corporate Estate Team’s energy and attention away from its ‘day job’. Geraghty Taylor’s first priority is to provide you with an experienced, engaged and capable partner who you can rely on to share the load.

We attentively listen to your needs and respond to them in a complete, imaginative and timely manner. Offering sound, evidence-based solutions and the necessary leadership to prioritize the inevitable competing issues and drivers.

Prepare to succeed! Our Employer's Brand Requirements (EBRs) differ from a traditional 'project briefs' in that they extend beyond the usual ‘tangible’ requirements – such as accommodation schedules, staff surveys - to capture and convey the more ‘intangible’ components of our Client's aspirations - personality, culture, how their brand will be supported.......

ebr-equationThe EBRs set the project parameters against which all follow-on decisions can be tested and prioritized, through design, delivery and occupation stages by all project stakeholders.

Project delivery is supported by state of the art communication technologies: inclusive of ‘Soft BIM’ and BIM - informing our Client's design decisions, reducing construction risk and providing powerful Facilities Management tools following completion.